The Crucial Role of Communication in Utility Locating Success

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How Collaboration & Communication Foster Utility Locating Success


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In the complex world of utility locating, the synergy between locate technicians and contractors is paramount, and effective communication is paramount in achieving utility locating success. Northern Lights Utility Locating is a staunch advocate for this collaboration, recognizing that clear communication is the linchpin of successful and safe utility work.

Video Transcript: So collaboration and communication. When you're talking about a locate ticket, there's so much that goes on to it, but it ultimately comes down to the locate technician who's receiving that locate and the contractor who called it in or whoever is in charge of performing the work. Ultimately, the facilities that they're going to be digging on, they're going to be responsible for the facilities they're digging on. Northern Lights will also be responsible for, because they are the ones that marked it. The communication has to be there. That just comes down to picking up the phone, coordination of timelines. Hey, when do you need this? The communication just in general, from locate technician to contractor to, someone in the office calls in the ticket. Hey, I've got, I've got so and so that's going to be on site. So, you know, you have different people who could call in the ticket from the office, but then you also have someone on site who's completely different and they know a little bit more about what's going on. So, it's finding that right avenue to get the correct information and most accurate. As far as what's needed, when's it needed, and, you know, especially on big projects where multiple tickets may be called in for different areas. Request a meetup and sit down with that contractor, get to know what they're doing, look at prints, understand where they're going, if there's a change order. Okay, we need to know that we need to locate a different piece. The tickets called in are what we have to go off of as far as what needs located. So, the communication and collaboration has to be there across the board. You know, we do have an obligation to fulfill as far as getting those tickets located in a timely manner. However, if they need remarks, that's something that needs to be communicated, but also they have to fill out another ticket. So, just making sure the communication, hey, I'm going to fill out another ticket. If that's something you've been working on with that contractor, you know, it's important to know what's going on in that area.

Seamless Coordination Matters

When a locate ticket comes into play, it's not just a request; it’s the start of a critical dialogue. The responsibility for safe digging practices lies with both the contractor performing the work and the locate technicians who mark the site. Our responsibility is immense, and so is our commitment to communication.

Bridging the Communication Gap

It begins with a simple yet powerful act: a phone call. Coordination between all parties—from the office to the field—ensures that timelines are met and actions are understood. Each project, especially large-scale ones with multiple tickets, demands meticulous information sharing and regular check-ins.

Understanding the Details

For Northern Lights, understanding the contractor’s plan is as vital as the marks we place on the ground. Engaging with contractors, reviewing prints, and staying informed about changes are all part of our comprehensive approach. Even when changes occur, such as a new ticket or a change order, communication is our steadfast rule.


At Northern Lights Utility Locating, we take our obligation to heart, recognizing that accurate locating within set timeframes is just one piece of the puzzle. By fostering robust communication channels, we can preempt misunderstandings and ensure every locate ticket leads to safe and efficient utility work.

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