Private Locating

Private Locating

Northern Lights provides a full range of private locate needs such as electromagnetic locating, GPR's, and cameras.


Northern Lights provides a full range of private locate needs such as electromagnetic locating, GPR’s, and cameras. Private utility locating locates and finds underground structures and private utility lines. These lines and structures could be under or inside commercial and residential buildings. This includes gas lines, water lines, and electrical lines. We will assist with the planning and execution of digging or excavation projects.

What is a Private Utility

Irrigation System

Typically used in areas where rainfall is sparse, no matter the type we can mark it for you to ensure artificial application of water is not interrupted due to damage.

Propane Lines

Damaging a propane line can be incredibly dangerous and costly to repair. We’ll ensure yours are identified to avoid disaster.

Private Water Service

Your main water pipe is one of the most vital functions of a home or building, and worth protecting at all costs. We’ll ensure yours is marked so you can proceed safely.

Street & Parking Lot Lighting

Since X-Ray vision doesn’t exist yet, our state of the art equipment can properly identify where your lighting sources lead to avoid construction damage.

Telecommunication Cables

Avoid cable and internet outages and avoid paying steep fees from your provider by protecting their install location.

Sump Pump Line

Avoid underground flooding and keep your sump pump safe by marking its location when tackling your next project.


Don’t disrupt the channel, let our experts identify and mark areas to avoid during construction.

Septic Systems

Damaging a septic system will cost thousands of dollars and could leave your structure without proper plumbing for months. Let our team locate and flag yours to keep it safe.


Avoid damage to your home’s source of water by letting us mark it and protect it from harm’s way.

Service Lines

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Public Locating

Northern Lights is dedicated to protecting utilities and municipalities. Our comprehensive utility protection services guarantee the safety and reliability of your infrastructure.
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Sewer Imaging

We specialize in advanced imaging services that ensure the integrity of underground sewer and lateral infrastructure.
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Private Locating

Our extensive range of private locate services includes electromagnetic locating, GPRs, and cameras. Our arsenal of equipment and locating experts ensure accuracy.
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We offer a wide range of inspection services tailored to meet your specific needs. Our team provides on-site monitoring to ensure accurate results.

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