We recognize the responsibilities for safety and health are shared.

Safety is a Shared Responsibility.

At Northern Lights Locating and Inspection, Inc., we understand the importance of shared responsibilities in safety and health. We take the lead in ensuring the effectiveness and improvement of our safety and health program, as well as providing a secure working environment for all our employees.

Our employees play a critical role too. They are responsible for adhering to and complying with all aspects of Northern Light's Safety and Health Program. This includes embracing Employee Based Safety (EBS), following all rules and regulations, and continually practicing safety.

What sets us apart

Safety is a collective responsibility, and at Northern Lights, we empower every team member with the authority to exercise STOP WORK AUTHORITY. We firmly believe that no task is so urgent or important that it cannot be done safely.

As an employee of Northern Lights, I personally hold myself accountable for the safety of my work environment. I have the authority and obligation to halt any work activity that I believe poses a risk.

Our aim is to establish a Safety and Health Program that goes beyond industry standards, surpassing the best existing safety programs. We strive for ZERO INCIDENTS and ZERO TOLERANCE for injuries and illnesses in our operations.

Service Lines

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Public Locating

Northern Lights is dedicated to protecting utilities and municipalities. Our comprehensive utility protection services guarantee the safety and reliability of your infrastructure.
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Sewer Imaging

We specialize in advanced imaging services that ensure the integrity of underground sewer and lateral infrastructure.
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Private Locating

Our extensive range of private locate services includes electromagnetic locating, GPRs, and cameras. Our arsenal of equipment and locating experts ensure accuracy.
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We offer a wide range of inspection services tailored to meet your specific needs. Our team provides on-site monitoring to ensure accurate results.

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