Northern Lights Ranked as #3 in IBJ's Fast 25

How Our Team's Commitment Fuels Success

We are filled with immense gratitude as we share the news of Northern Lights Utility Locating & Inspection Inc. being ranked as the #3 fastest-growing private company in Indiana by the Indianapolis Business Journal (IBJ). This prestigious recognition in the IBJ's Fast 25 list celebrates the incredible growth we have achieved from 2021 to 2023, with a notable 188% increase in revenue.

Our Dedication to Excellence

At Northern Lights, our mission goes beyond just marking the location of utilities; it's about ensuring the safety of every individual who works with and around these critical infrastructures.

"Utility locating isn't just putting paint and a flag on the ground and clearing out the ticket. It’s a relationship with contractors working in the field, making sure we’re keeping them safe. That's really what this is all about."

Caitlin Flater, our Chief Operating Officer (4).

Fostering a Positive Workplace

Understanding the high stakes involved in our work, we prioritize creating a supportive and safe workplace environment. "It's our job to set our employees up to win," Flater emphasizes. Over the years, we've transitioned from large safety meetings to more intimate, engaging sessions, equipped our teams with top-of-the-line technology, and simplified workflows to reduce stress and increase efficiency (4).

Innovation to Better Serve Clients

Innovation has been a cornerstone of our operations as well. In 2004, we developed our own ticket-management software and introduced a cellphone app in 2017 to better serve our clients and even engage our competitors. "That's an opportunity that we see in the future that we'd like to expand a platform for more of our customers," says Flater (4).

Emphasizing Quality and Safety Amidst Rapid Expansion

Our President, J.D. Harris, notes a significant shift in industry focus: "The industry has changed some. They look more towards quality, and that is Northern Lights. That's what we hang our hat on." Our growth has not only been in revenue but also in our geographic footprint, now serving across nine states and tripling our staff in just two years. Our punctuality in project execution ensures that contractors can start their work on time and, most importantly, safely (4).

Thank You to Every Member of Our Team

This milestone is much more than a number—it is a story of commitment, teamwork, and the relentless pursuit of excellence by each member of our Northern Lights family. Our success is not just ours but belongs to every employee who, day after day, commits to our mission of ensuring safety and precision in utility locating and inspection.

As we reflect on our journey and this significant achievement, we extend our heartfelt thank you to our dedicated team members across nine states. Your hard work, dedication, and collaborative spirits are the true drivers behind our growth.

More Information

We invite our clients, partners, and community members to learn more about this achievement and what it means for our future. Discover the full story of our growth and our impact on the utility and construction industries in the IBJ's digital publication supplement here. You can read the full digital article (with an IBJ membership) here as well.

Thank you again to every member of the Northern Lights team. Here’s to more growth, more safety, and more innovation together!


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